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  • Frokostseminar Hotel Continental, onsdag 24/4 kl. 8-10

Frokostseminar Hotel Continental, onsdag 24/4 kl. 8-10

Frokostseminar Hotel Continental, onsdag 24/4 kl. 8-10

Tema: Bygninger som materialbanker

Når: Onsdag 24/4, kl. 8-10

Hvor: Hotel Continental - Teatersalen, Stortingsgata 24/26, 0117 Oslo


Tema for møtet er «Bygninger som materialbanker» der vi får besøk av Madaster.

Madaster er en stiftelse som har utviklet en plattform som muliggjør en komplett oversikt over materialer og råvarer i ny og eksisterende bygningsmasse. Sjekk www.madaster.com .

Møtes holdes fra 08.00 – 10.00 i Teatersalen på Hotel Continental og vil foregå på engelsk.

The need for a circular economy in the building and construction sector

Today, building materials end up as waste when no longer needed, with effects like destroying ecosystems, increasing environmental costs, and creating risks of resource scarcity. To create a sustainable future, the building sector needs to move towards a circular economy.

In 2017 the building sector in Norway generated around 2 million tonnes of waste of which only 34% is recycled. The remaining was either burned or put on landfill, even though most of the material is without pollution and well suited for reuse and recycling. This is not sustainable and far away from the EU target of 70% recycling of building materials within 2030.

Whether an industry goes circular or not depends on the value of the materials within it – worthless materials are waste, while valuable materials are recycled. Increased value equals less waste, and one of the ways to increase the values of building materials is by giving them identity and a material passport that enables buildings to become material banks.

Madaster has developed a platform designed as a public, online library of materials in the built environment. The Madaster Platform facilitates registration, organisation, storage and exchange of data and we will also look into the potential for linking this platform to the existing branch product databases (NOBB, EFObasen and NRFbasen) in Norway.

The breakfast meeting will address the topic buildings as material banks (BAMB) and how to make it work in a practical world. What does it mean? Will leading building owners like Statsbygg consider this? Are we circular ready? What is the look and feel of the platform and will it work in Norway?


0800      Serving of breakfast

0830      Welcome - Cathrine Barth, cofounder and strategy director, Circular Norway

0835      Are we digital- and circular ready for BAMB - Frank Jaegtnes, CEO, Elektroforeningen

0850      The Madaster platform – what is it and how does it work? - Pablo van den Bosch, Madaster Foundation

0915      Statsbygg and the view of BAMB - Anders Fylling, director, Statsbygg

0930      Panel discussion; Pablo van den Bosch, Anders Fylling, Frank Jaegtnes, Cathrine Barth (moderator)

0945      Closing and mingling




DATO: 2019-04-24
TID: 08:00 – 10:00